Lawn Edging Ideas

Lawn edging not only looks good but has many practical benefits. Find out why pavers are the perfect choice to create clean lines in your garden, and be inspired by our lawn edging ideas.

Paved Lawn Edging Benefits

The key benefits of lawn edge pavers are:


  • Improves the appearance of your outdoor areas
  • Keeps your grass separated from flower beds and other areas
  • Lawn edging makes your garden easier to maintain
  • Prevents mulch from spilling over onto your grass
  • Pavers will stay put (provided they are installed by a paving specialist like Just Pave!)
  • Durability – pavers are longer-lasting than other materials like plastic or timber
  • Choose from a variety of colours and designs

Tips For Designing Your Lawn Edging

Lawn edging creates a smooth transition between different areas of your garden while keeping grass from invading your garden beds.

You can also choose different coloured pavers to match the colour theme of your garden. Some paved lawn edging options include:

  • Straight or curved designs (or a combination of the two)
  • Wide or narrow pavers
  • You can buy pavers in a range of colours or paint them a contrasting colour for a dramatic effect

If you want to save time and effort when it comes to mowing your lawn, ask your paving company about a mowing strip.

This narrow strip of flush pavers allows you to run one side of your mower along it, eliminating the need for edge trimming.

Lawn Edging Launceston


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